Pishran Zamharir Aseman was established
Due to growing demand of Iran industries for cryogenic vessels, such as:


1. Liquid oxygen

2. Liquid nitrogen

3. Liquid argon

4. Liquid CO2

and support of more than half a century of its executives’ experience, with the aim of focusing on technology enhancement and increasing industrial productivity in the design and production of cryogenic tanks
During a decade of Pishran Zamharir company activities, the company has been able to be the most advanced manufacturer of cryogenic tanks based on international standard in the west Asia.


With our great technical and manpower potential, we hope to become the most advanced and largest manufacturer of cryogenic tanks in Asia and Europe


mission statement

Satisfaction of customers through optimal design and production of high efficiency tanks, increasing productivity, creating value added production, providing warranty and after-sales services.



R & D

The development plan of the R&D unit in an area of 6396 square meters in the Isfahan’s scientific research town and a 10,000-square-meter manufacturing plant in the great northern town of Isfahan